eye q ™ contains marine and botanical oils of the highest purity and here are a few of the key facts that you may want to know so that you, or your children can take our oils with confidence.

Five facts about the omega-3 component of eye q:

  • The hi-EPA marine lipid oil comes from the bodies of small fish, specifically sardines and pilchards. Guts and other organs are excluded, so the oil does not have any elevated levels of Vitamins A and D, which can typically be found in liver oils.
  • These fish are harvested at special times of the year, after the fish spawn and when they seasonally consume large amounts of plankton, boosting the amount of EPA in their flesh. This is crucial for the quality of our fish oil. Because they only live for one season, their short life span means there is little chance that their tissues can become tainted with industrial pollutants, compared with larger fish, such as tuna or salmon.
  • Also, we get these fish from the south Atlantic and south Pacific, from the cleanest oceans on the planet, and thus they have little contact with environmental pollutants.
  • And to make sure none of this stuff can possibly remain, all oil undergoes a unique process at Equazen to guarantee the oil is completely palatable & pure.
  • Finally, every batch of fish oil is tested by an independent laboratory to ensure that we are in full compliance with the stringent levels stated by the EC and the WHO with regards to dioxins, PCBS, heavy metals, pesticides and other pollutants.

And you may want to know four facts about the omega-6 component:  virgin unrefined Evening Primrose Oil. This is a particularly high quality source of GLA:

  • Source seed certified to be free of agro-chemicals and pesticides (99.1% purity).
  • Extract with a simple mechanical press similar to that used for virgin olive oil, ensuring minimal contact with heat, light or oxygen. We hold this to be superior to the other methods. Solvent extraction leaves chemical traces and mainstream cold-pressing, despite the anomalous name, often causes heat damage to this delicate oil.
  • Filter the oil to take out small particles, but never refine because this too will damage the oil.
  • Ensure the oil remains in its purest natural state, with retention of all positive elements, such as natural anti-oxidants, beta-carotene and phytosterols, which are usually stripped away in refined EPO.

The eye q ™ formulation also has Vitamin E in a natural form (versus synthetic) to help protect the oils from free radicals and enable them to get on with their important work inside the body. Finally, when putting together such premium ingredients, we encapsulate and package only at pharmaceutical-grade facilities. Equazen oils: the most pure and effective omega-3 and omega-6 oils possible, in sourcing and handling.